Home Renovations To Save Energy Costs

The older your home is the more likely you are to struggle mounting energy bills. Stop punishing yourself with shoddy insulation and relentless drafts that cause as much stress to your air conditioning unit as they do to your wallet. A few simple, surprisingly affordable home renovations can quickly save you the extra costs of air conditioning in Orlando Homes.

Simple Seals Stay Surprisingly Solid

Easily overlooked details like quality insulation in the attic can reduce energy costs as much as 20 percent and quickly pays for itself. Good insulation serves the dual purpose of keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Taking that first step in protecting the air in your home from the elements of the outdoors will prevent you from throwing money away on fruitless Orlando AC repair.

Any sort of draft allowing air to pass through the walls of your home brings added stress to your system as it struggles to keep up with air conditioning Orlando weather.  Reinforce weather stripping throughout the house, and check that air ducts are tightly sealed to keep your system running smoothly. Routine inspections for drafts and leaks like these can make a difference of 30 to 40 percent of your energy costs.

Install More Fans

A well-placed ceiling fan in any room makes an immediately noticeable difference, often allowing you to set the thermostat at a much more mild temperature while being cooled by the moving air.  Many fans even come with a reverse setting to push more warm air down in the winter. Ceiling fans are affordable and easy to install in most rooms, making a comparable difference towards air conditioning repair in Orlando.       

Install a Better Thermostat

A great addition to the home, as well as a convenient feature, is the programmable thermostat. Especially if you are already upgrading equipment for AC repair in Orlando, a programmable thermostat is a must have every time. Not only can this technology save you $150 or more every year in heating and cooling costs, but you will notice that the settings are more accurate and easier to set. 

Homeowners love the convenience of a system that will automatically run less when the home is empty and more so when the family really needs it. Studies show that people even sleep better in a room that cools as you fall asleep and warms slightly when it is time to wake. A programmable thermostat makes the atmosphere consistently comfortable while saving you money daily.

Install Better Doors and Windows

Cool air escaping from your home, running your power bill high, and forcing you to consider Orlando AC repair, is often easily fixed by replacing worn out and ill-fitting windows and doors with more solid and weather proof ones. Your hollow metal door will make a better barrier if replaced by a more  solid material with stalwart framing. Many homeowners will even opt for storm windows if the want to retain the charm of their currant window while upgrading to better quality protection.   

All of these renovations are readily available at countless locations and require very little spending. As a homeowner, you will be pleased the learn how quickly the potential cost of air conditioning repair in Orlando can be replaced with simple one-day repairs. 

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