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As you step indoors in the midst of a muggy day, you probably underestimate the significance of Orlando air conditioning and the major cultural impact created by the invention of HVAC systems over 100 years ago. Central heating and air has become the universal standard for a modern society and affected more than our ability to comfortably escape the elements. Unbeknownst to most, healthcare, architecture and other major parts of our identity as a culture are directly impacted by air conditioning.

A Brief History

The first air conditioning units were invented by Willis Carrier in 1902, designed to protect the papers of his publishing company in Buffalo from the heat and humidity of the air. His industrial models would benefit manufacturers and hospitals across the country. Before long, air conditioning would become a household luxury exclusive to the social elite.

By the early 1950s, smaller and more affordable units would be common in over a million American homes. The comfort and convenience of modern air conditioning in Orlando and throughout the world is more than a simple accessory. This invention shaped multiple facets of American culture as we know it.

How American Homes Evolved in the Air 

Early homes were designed to maximize airflow and ventilation, especially in the deep south where extreme heat and humidity were a part of everyday life. As a result, houses were designed with massive windows and vaulted ceilings. Afternoon naps and social hours on covered porches were the fundamental part of a culture that needs reprieve from intense summer weather.

Today you may notice that modern buildings are increasingly designed to maximize the effectiveness of central heating and air conditioning in Orlando. Square towers of small spaces and tightly sealed windows to lock in the air have replaced the more spacious designs of the past. The result is a cultural dependency on central air that significantly affects how we spend our summers.

How Our Health and Wellness Benefited

Hospitals were some of the first to take advantage of Orlando air conditioning innovations. Thermostat control helps reduce the spread of bacteria in the air and lessens the possibility of mold growth. As a result, patients enjoyed a cleaner and more comfortable recovery.

Additionally, industry workers that were once forced to deal with suffocating heat and potentially harmful fumes could now enjoy a livable atmosphere with ventilated air. Breathing clean refreshing became less of a luxury and more of the comfortable standard we enjoy today.

How Development in the Sunbelt Thrived

Sweltering humidity in the Sunshine State and across the deep south made development difficult and unpopular despite the thriving industrial revolution of the 19th century. The introduction of air conditioning in Orlando and other cities made life across the sunbelt immediately more appealing, and the area quickly flourished in population and industry.       

How Modern Business and Technology Became Possible

Computers generate a large amount of heat and require central cooling to properly function. As technological advancement continued towards the digital era through much of the 20th century, amenities like Orlando air conditioning played a major part in making these historic feats possible.     

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