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Commercial HVAC Services in Orlando

Are you in need of commercial AC installation in Orlando? Bob Heinmiller Air Conditioning, Inc. is quickly becoming the leading provider of HVAC - Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning - services to building and company owners in Orlando. Our specialized design/build approach to working with contractors ensures that the specific indoor environmental needs of your workplace are taken into consideration. Put our experience to the test - from design through installation - we are here to ensure you get the most of the HVAC in your building.

Do you need to increase energy efficiency and improve your bottom line? Or do you have a computer room that needs to be kept at a set temperature or special air filtration requirements?

Commercial AC Installation in Orlando and More:

  • Commercial HVAC repair
  • New commercial HVAC design and installation
  • Air conditioning zoning systems designed by our in-house specialists
  • Load calculations from warehouses to computer rooms
  • Energy calculations for offices and new buildings
  • HVAC system designs for new buildings, build-outs, remodels and retrofits
  • High efficient HVAC equipment options available with builder incentives
  • Full zoning and energy management solutions
  • 24-hour HVAC service department
  • Fully trained and certified HVAC technicians in the use of 410A and R22 refrigerants; zoning and energy management operations, air balancing and high efficient equipment operations
View a sample of our commercial HVAC clients:


Not all HVAC installations are created equal.

Even using exactly the same products, different technicians can achieve different results.

As one of the top HVAC contractors in Orlando, Bob Heinmiller employs only the best NATE certified technicians. They prove their knowledge in the HVAC/R industry by passing specialized NATE certification tests, so when a Bob Heinmiller AC Technician arrives at your home or business, you can be confident he's among the best in the business.

An improperly trained technician can create a problem system with:

  • Poor indoor air quality which will result in health and safety concerns
  • Drafts and uneven temperature due to duct leakage and air handling
  • An air conditioning bill that is DOUBLE what it should be

Tips to help you evaluate a proposal for a new HVAC installation:

Bigger is not Better! - Don't buy an HVAC System that is larger than your home needs.
  • It won't run often enough to pull moisture out (especially here in Florida)
  • Larger AC units tend to be noisier
  • You'll have to replace it sooner – the life of the AC equipment will be shorter
Colder is not Better! - An incorrect refrigerant charge causes problems including
  • Increased failure rate
  • Reduced moisture removal
  • Uneven temperature
  • Operating cost up to 17% higher
Avoid Incorrect Air Flow
  • Uneven temperature in different rooms of your house will result in poor moisture control.
  • Noisy grills and registers could add up to 10% to your AC bill.

Tips to save you money on your heating and cooling maintenance throughout the year!

  • Change your filter monthly. Dirty air conditioning filters restrict airflow to your evaporator coil and can cause your air conditioner to break down. We sell many different sizes and types of filters designed to help your AC unit run efficiently.
  • Clean your outdoor air conditioning unit with your garden hose. This will remove any debris that has clung to the AC unit and allow proper airflow.
  • Make sure to schedule your yearly AC maintenance tune-ups. Bob Heinmiller Air Conditioning will perform 2 routine maintenance visits on your AC per year for only $278 per system. Call for more details.
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