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Electrical preventative maintenance isn't just an important way to avoid preventable electrical repairs and maintain your system. It's also a great way to save money!

Using electricity produces heat. Over time, that heat causes expanding and contracting of an electrical system. This cyclical heating and cooling can cause the screws to loosen in the electrical panels.

In other cases, the breaker on the bus bars can become loose, in turn generating an arcing condition (unexpected, short, very powerful bursts of electricity) that transfers a great amount of heat, thus accelerating the potential failure of the breakers, wiring and the bus bars.  A worn out or loose receptacle can also create heat or an arcing condition when something is plugged in, creating a fire hazard.  Many home owners are not aware of these serious and potentially dangerous conditions or what they can do to help prevent them.

You should have your electrical system inspected at least once a year to help keep your home safe and your electrical system in top working condition.

Finding a Qualified Technician

The Electrical Safety Foundation International  (ESFI) recommends that home owners have their home inspected by a qualified licensed electrician. Very few home inspectors are qualified to make a complete, detailed assessment of an electrical system.

At Bob Heinmiller our comprehensive home inspection exceeds home inspection industry standards. We also have a customer protection plan that will provide your family with enhanced equipment safety, efficiency, and reliability as well as extend the life of your equipment.

This agreement entitles you to benefit from our exclusive professional inspection.

SAFETY & RELIABILITY AGREEMENT- Electrical System Inspection

Procedures that take place during your electrical system inspection include:

  • Verify proper connection, amp draw & wire size to each breaker
  • Check each circuit for double taps
  • Verify proper main grounding of electrical service
  • Torque all electrical connections in all panels
  • Verify correct line voltage is present
  • Perform inspection of overhead connections and service drop
  • Inspect and Test GFCI’s
  • Suggest GFCI’s where code updates require them
  • Test all wall outlets for proper grounding & correct polarity
  • Test wall switches
  • Inspect and test equipment disconnects
  • Check connections on electric heatstrips

Benefits of preventative Electrical Maintenance

PEACE OF MIND:  automatic inspection, adjusting, and cleaning of your electrical devices and systems keep them operating at peak efficiency. Potential problems are often spotted before they cause trouble.

PRIORITY SERVICE:  Our Safety and Reliability Agreement clients enjoy the advantage of priority service scheduling.  Simply put, we get to you first.

DISCOUNTS:  You receive a 10% discount on all repairs.

RECORDKEEPING:  Our computers will keep detailed records of service and warranty information on each property you own.

TRAINED EXPERTS AT YOUR SERVICE:  A professional, dependable, licensed staff of experts analyzes your electrical system. We work with you to schedule appointments at your convenience.

TRANSFERABLE AGREEMENT:  should you decide to sell your home, you may transfer your agreement to the next owner of your home.

EXTENDS EQUIPMENT LIFE:  reduces the risk of potential fire hazards, improves efficiency of the electrical system and extends the life of all electrical components.

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