Top Heating and Cooling Questions For Homeowners

When heating and cooling systems run efficiently, most homeowners don’t give them a second thought. If something goes wrong, however, this could make your home almost unlivable. Since you and your family depend on your indoor equipment, you may have some questions to ask a technician. At Bob Heinmiller AC in Orlando, Florida, we are here to make sure homeowners make the most out of their HVAC systems. Learn more by reading our most common FAQs or by contacting one of our skilled team members. 

Why does my house smell musty? 

All homes have their own distinctive odors that may change over time. Your heating and cooling system in Central Florida, however, should smell crisp and clean, due to the air filter in the central air system. If the air filter is not replaced on a regular basis, then dust and other particles will get stuck and start floating around the home. To get rid of a musty, moldy, or stale smell, Bob Heinmiller AC suggests replacing the air filter twice a year. Homeowners with pets may want to change their air filters more frequently. 

Why is my heating and cooling system making noises?

As a heating and cooling system works, the various parts to vibrate and move around. The majority of homeowners can relax knowing their HVAC system is working as normal. Some noises, on the other hand, are a signal for a more serious condition. Perhaps a small piece has gotten loose after years of use. To truly understand the source of the noise, it is better to schedule a consultation with a trained technician. They can let you know whether your AC unit needs to be repaired or replaced. 

Why doesn’t my heating and cooling system work?

There are several reasons why an HVAC system isn’t working as it should. For example, homeowners can check their energy sources to see if there’s been a power outage or blown fuse of any kind. If you suspect more serious problems such as mechanical wear and tear, we encourage you to call a skilled technician right away. 

How much with a repair or replacement cost? 

Heating and cooling systems have a range of costs based on whether parts need to be repaired or if the system needs to be replaced. Many HVAC technicians personalize their rates based on the damage to the unit and what parts are required. It is important to take the time to find quality HVAC service that is focused on saving you time and resources. You should also remember to schedule regular maintenance for your HVAC system with Bob Heinmiller AC to prevent the need for costly service in the future. 

Come to us with your homeowner questions

Bob Heinmiller AC is the local HVAC expert homeowners prefer. Our technicians deliver exceptional service and expert technical care for your in-home heating and cooling system. For many years, our family business has been helping individuals stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Ask us about our top quality brands, qualified technicians, and friendly service to meet your heating and cooling needs. 

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