Your Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Can your air conditioner handle hot summer months? When the summer weather strikes, you want to make sure your HVAC system can handle the pressure. The best time to prevent a failure or costly repair is through preventative maintenance. Bob Heinmiller Air Conditioning can offer you an easy-to-follow summer air conditioning maintenance checklist so you don’t get caught off guard. 

The professional technicians at Bob Heinmiller Air Conditioning are qualified to service all makes and models of air conditioners. We also keep an inventory of parts on hand to save time on repairs with fewer issues or hassles. If a new AC unit is what you need, we provide expert installation as well. Find out more by reaching out to one of our service technicians for a consultation. 

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Replace your air filter 

Dirty air filters slow down your system and cause a host of operational issues, including preventing the proper flow of air. Not only that, but an air filter is designed to remove harmful airborne contaminants before it circulates through your home. When filters are dirty, they are unable to perform this task properly. Bob Heinmiller suggests changing your air filter several times per year, based on your allergies the number of pets in your home. 

Upgrade your thermostat 

If you already own a working air conditioner, there is no need to upgrade your HVAC system. However, many families invest in a smart thermostat to make their air conditioner even more efficient. Many of these thermostats come with their own smartphone application to give you more control over the temperature. Bob Heinmiller can give you some helpful recommendations about thermostats that can save you on high energy bills. 

Address any outstanding repairs 

If there is something wrong with your system, you will want to have it fixed before the high summer temperatures come around. Ignoring the problem means that it can only grow worse, eventually leading to a system breakdown. If you have noticed a lack of cool air, strange noises, or higher than normal energy bills, the best thing to do is schedule a repair service with Bob Heinmiller in Orlando. We can get things in working order right away. 

Get professional HVAC maintenance

Although these steps will keep your air conditioner in good shape during the hot summer months, there is some maintenance only a trained technician can handle. Bob Heinmiller Air Conditioning can ensure that your units are in top shape so you are fully prepared for the summer ahead. Our goal is to provide residents of Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding areas with ideal home comfort. 

There may be times when you lack the tools or the knowledge to check off some of these list items yourself. If you are unable to maintain your HVAC system or would like a fast and free AC replacement estimate, our certified professionals are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our recommendations can solve your cooling problems and save you money on your summer energy bills. Just give us a call! 

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