Your Health and Your Air Conditioning

Your Orlando Air Conditioning May Be Impacting Your Health

Recent studies have revealed that people who spend more time living and working in the air conditioning in Orlando and throughout the country are spending considerably more time at the doctor’s office. Some groups have cited these studies as a call to more natural escapes from hot weather. While there is certainly no harm in escaping the 100 plus degree weather of the summer with the convenience of modern air conditioning, be cautious of a few warning signs that may negatively impact your overall health.

Clean Breathing Requires Clean Filters

Clean/Dirty AC Filters

The main responsibility of Orlando AC repair and maintenance includes properly changing out filters a recommended 4 to 6 times per year. An unchanged filter will only continue to recirculate dirt, dander, and airborne illnesses through the air, wreaking havoc on your respiratory system. Filters are an inexpensive and simple routine maintenance but left untreated the debris they collect is largely responsible for many common breathing problems.    

Too Much Cold Can Cause a Cold

Or at least the similar symptoms of a cold. Locations that are overly air conditioned to the point where some people feel uncomfortably chilled even in hot weather, is dire for your immune system and energy levels. Unlike winter weather that can be pleasantly brisk, your cooling system creates more of a dry refrigerator environment that can be difficult to tolerate. High levels of fatigue are reported of people who are stuck in places where Orlando air conditioning is too intense and frigid.

Orlando Air Conditioning is Not Orlando Air

Air conditioning in Orlando permits us a necessary escape from intense Summer months, but it is crucial to our health and well-being that we still spend ample amounts of time outdoors. Reasonable amounts of sunlight and fresh air is still a benefit to our lungs, skin, and even hair. Be careful not to spend too many hours sealed in a sterile environment, or it can begin to leave a visible side effect. Additionally, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues are often heavily correlated to the amounts of natural light and air to which we are regularly exposed.     

Too Much Is A Bad Thing

If you spend every summer bunkered inside with the thermostat cranked to 60 degrees, you are reducing your body’s natural ability to regulate temperature. The recommended thermostat settings are between 74 and 78 degrees with a cross breeze or fan to circulate the air. Many people forego the fan and instead create an in home freezer setting so low that they lose their ability to tolerate heat, even in reasonable climates.    

All Good Things Serve A Purpose

Cultures throughout history were known to develop ways for keeping warm, but very rarely were serious measures taken towards keeping cool. It was the Industrial Revolution, as more people required a tolerable means for hot indoor working conditions, that set progress in motion towards air conditioning in Orlando and other notoriously warm Southern communities. Using your AC as an opportunity to live and work comfortably is entirely reasonable, but take care not to overdo it.   

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