How To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Improve Orlando Air Condition with Simple Air Quality Tips

Your air quality affects the overall quality of your home and your health. Fortunately, there are easy everyday habits to maintain a fresh and enjoyable atmosphere.

Clean from Top to Bottom

Dust, dander and other common irritants can collect on walls and counters, around door frames, other small spaces that you may not immediately think to clean. Your air conditioning in Orlando will only continually cycle the same dust particles throughout the house if you are not regularly eliminating them. Linens like curtains and table runners collect debris from the air require constant attention even though we are often forgetting them.

Consistently cleaning your floor has a noticeable impact on the overall air quality of your home. Use a vacuum with a quality filter to remove mites, dirt, and allergens that are easily swept in from outside.

Wipe Your Feet

Every step inside your door brings in dirt and debris from the outside world that gets quietly tracked all over your floors and released into the air. Many families remove their shoes inside to avoid this problem or place a mat by every door to keep the dirt out.

Groom Pets

AC repair in Orlando requires more constant maintenance the more animals there are in the house. Dogs and cats release fur and dander at such a constant rate that the air can be quickly contaminated with it, even if you have become accustomed to the animals. The best preventative is to bathe and groom animals regularly.

No Smoking

The smoke from cigarettes can linger in the air and stick to walls, ceilings, furniture, clothing, and longer after you light. The accumulation can lead to unsightly yellowed stains and a plague like a build up that can damage electronics over time. Cigarette smoke that enters your air conditioning in Orlando can last for weeks while you continually breathe in thousands of harmful chemicals. 

Use Natural Fragrances

Smell GoodsIf you choose to use cleaners and scents in your home, try to stick to natural products wherever possible. Many common household products, such as white vinegar or lemon oil, can replace standard chemical cleaners and are just as effective and affordable. Scented candles, incense, and any open flame release smoke into the air that adds to the impurities.  Stick to nontoxic candles or try a diffuser of essential oils to enjoy a more natural and rejuvenating aroma.

Keeping live plants in the house is an excellent source of the fresh scent. Additionally, plants naturally filter clean breathing air in the room while adding a pleasant ambiance. 

Keep Circulating Air

Consistent air flow in your home helps regulates temperature and reduces the risk of mold growth, an important feature in this humid region. Stagnant air can increase the possibility of illness, whereas a circulation improves your air quality and the efficiency of your air conditioning in Orlando. Open windows or keep a fan running to ensure comfortable, moving air. 

Change Your Filters

Last but not least, always keep your air filters clean. Air filters need to be changed at least a few times per year. Neglecting to do so can lead to poor air quality and inconvenient Orlando AC repairs.

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