How New Technologies Are Changing Our Homes

Upcoming Innovations Mean Better Air Conditioning for Orlando

In order to enjoy the comfort and convenience of cool air throughout the summer, homes and businesses alike rely on the leading innovations available to keep air conditioning in Orlando effective and affordable. Fortunately, engineers around the world are succeeding in the creation of brilliant new strategies for circulating our homes with clean heating and air. Orlando air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation are pivotal aspects to our comfortable living. Keep an eye out for these trending and ever progressing new technologies that will soon hold a substantial impact on your household cooling costs.     

Solar Solutions Save Money and Energy

Bob Heinmiller Solar Attic Fan Orlando installThe use of photovoltaic energy cells to collect, store, and utilize solar energy throughout the home is a valuable and earth friendly solution that is quickly growing in popularity. Solar attic fans help alleviate much of the strain placed on your air conditioning unit, lowering energy costs and the need for expensive AC repair in Orlando. Air conditioning accounts for a major portion of your annual energy costs, so converting to solar energy leads to significant savings. In future, solar panels will continue to become more affordable and more energy efficient than ever.

Smart Homes for Smart Budgets

Newer homes are now being outfitted with a variety of appliances including the AC unit that can be easily controlled via mobile apps anywhere in the world. A broader range of control means that firstly you can correct the settings on your thermostat even long after you have left the house, and secondly you can adjust settings on your way home in order to feel comfortable as soon as you step inside. Smart home apps contribute to savings and practicality even more so than a programmable thermostat, and the technology is allowing convenience and control of your air conditioning in Orlando from right in your pocket. Soon experts expect that our fully automated homes will maintain comfortable, clean air throughout the day.   

Increased Efficiency with Eco Vents

Even the best air conditioning repair in Orlando cannot guarantee the most efficient use of your cooling system. In order to meet this need, engineers at Eco Vent Systems have designed a new system of efficiency. Eco Vent is an innovative new approach that uses sensors throughout the home to maintain and regulate comfortable airflow. The sensors in every room send data to a central hub that can be accessed online through your phone or tablet. Vents can  be opened or closed throughout the home to maintain efficiency and reduce expenses.

3D Print Your Next Orlando Air Conditioning Repair

New advances in 3D printing technology are soon to enter the world of air conditioning in Orlando. 3D printing is creating air conditioning units that are custom fitted, fully functional, and remarkably aesthetic. Unlike traditional units that are bulky and often inconvenient, 3D printed air conditioners are sleek, attractive, and almost futuristic in their appeal. The programs can be synced online with convenient apps for smooth use everywhere you go. Better controls and improved use of space make the unit a more welcome addition to the home.

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