How New Technologies Are Changing Our Homes

Upcoming Innovations Mean Better Air Conditioning for Orlando

In order to enjoy the comfort and convenience of cool air throughout the summer, homes and businesses alike rely on the leading innovations available to keep air conditioning in Orlando effective and affordable. Fortunately, engineers around the world are succeeding in the creation of brilliant new strategies for circulating our homes with clean heating and air. Orlando air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation are pivotal aspects to our comfortable living. Keep an eye out for these trending and ever progressing new technologies that will soon hold a substantial impact on your household cooling costs.     

Solar Solutions Save Money and Energy

Bob Heinmiller Solar Attic Fan Orlando installThe use of photovoltaic energy cells to collect, store, and utilize solar energy throughout the home is a valuable and earth friendly solution that is quickly growing in popularity. Solar attic fans help alleviate much of the strain placed on your air conditioning unit, lowering energy costs and the need for expensive AC repair in Orlando. Air conditioning accounts for a major portion of your annual energy costs, so converting to solar energy leads to significant savings. In future, solar panels will continue to become more affordable and more energy efficient than ever.

Smart Homes for Smart Budgets

Newer homes are now being outfitted with a variety of appliances including the AC unit that can be easily controlled via mobile apps anywhere in the world. A broader range of control means that firstly you can correct the settings on your thermostat even long after you have left the house, and secondly you can adjust settings on your way home in order to feel comfortable as soon as you step inside. Smart home apps contribute to savings and practicality even more so than a programmable thermostat, and the technology is allowing convenience and control of your air conditioning in Orlando from right in your pocket. Soon experts expect that our fully automated homes will maintain comfortable, clean air throughout the day.   

Increased Efficiency with Eco Vents

Even the best air conditioning repair in Orlando cannot guarantee the most efficient use of your cooling system. In order to meet this need, engineers at Eco Vent Systems have designed a new system of efficiency. Eco Vent is an innovative new approach that uses sensors throughout the home to maintain and regulate comfortable airflow. The sensors in every room send data to a central hub that can be accessed online through your phone or tablet. Vents can  be opened or closed throughout the home to maintain efficiency and reduce expenses.

3D Print Your Next Orlando Air Conditioning Repair

New advances in 3D printing technology are soon to enter the world of air conditioning in Orlando. 3D printing is creating air conditioning units that are custom fitted, fully functional, and remarkably aesthetic. Unlike traditional units that are bulky and often inconvenient, 3D printed air conditioners are sleek, attractive, and almost futuristic in their appeal. The programs can be synced online with convenient apps for smooth use everywhere you go. Better controls and improved use of space make the unit a more welcome addition to the home.

5 Tips To Stay Cool In Summer Heat

Beat the Heat With a Few Wise Tips

Orlando AC Repair in summer heatAir conditioning in Orlando is a daily part of life when living in one of the hottest regions in the country. The summer months will include record temperature highs over 100 degrees Fahrenheit that can lead to a variety of discomforts and health risks. Children and adults alike must avoid excessive exposure to heat and sunlight or else risk damaging skin burns, heat stroke, or even death. Even if you spend most of your summer safely tucked away with your air conditioning in Orlando, it is useful to know a few quick tips to help keep you in comfort both outdoors and indoors.

Drink Water

It seems like common sense, but people everywhere consistently fail to drink an adequate amount of fresh water every day. Do not wait until you feel thirsty or settle for sodas, coffees, or alcohol that only worsen your symptoms. Doctors recommend that you drink an average of 8 glasses of clean water a day, but if you are out in the heat the recommended amount is 2 or 4 glasses every hour. As you sweat, your body is quickly depleted of water, and the dehydration will cause you to experience headaches, nausea, muscle cramps, seizures, and more.    

Stick to the Shade

Many homeowners rely on Orlando AC repair to stay comfortable, but you can save money and stress on your AC unit by making practical use of shade. Curtains and shading covering the house will significantly reduce the effect of sunlight in the home. Also, the same trees and shady spots that lower the cooling costs of your home can also provide a convenient outdoor setting that is safe from the sun.

Use More Fans

Fans are a simple and effective method for keeping an area cool without having to crank up the air conditioning in Orlando. Moving air circulated by running fans creates a breezy sensation that allows us to better tolerate the heat. With a fan in the room, you can lower the setting on your AC without being forced to suffer the stagnant, humid air.

Maintain the Home

Homeowners everywhere can save countless dollars on AC repair in Orlando by maintaining a few necessary household repairs. You should check your insulation and air ducts every year before the warm weather breaks in order to ensure that your system if running as efficiently as possible. A well-kept roof and even the right choice of light color can lessen the heat by several degrees.   

Sleep Cool

Our bodies fall asleep more easily in the cold but sometimes have trouble sleeping soundly in the summer. Instead of turning down your air conditioning in Orlando, save a few dollars and sleep without a comforter. Light sheets will provide adequate sleeping without the sweltering weight of a thick blanket. For an additional soothing chill, place your top sheet in a ziplock bag in the fridge during the day, and open at night for a cool wrap.

Common Myths About Air Conditioning

Myths About Air Conditioning In Orlando

Forget what you may have heard about these common Orlando air conditioning repair myths. 

Myth – The Room will Cool Faster if I Crank up the AC

You may return home on an unexpectedly warm day and feel as though your air conditioning in Orlando needs a quick start up to cool you down fast. So you lower the thermostat to 60 degrees, or fifty, or lower in the hopes of a speedy cooling effect. Before you add unnecessary strain to your unit and waste energy expenses, know that your air conditioner performs at a constant rate regardless of the settings.   

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Prep Your AC With A Spring Check List

Man changing air filter

Winters in Florida are brief, but even a few weeks of disuse can strain an air conditioning system that is not properly prepped for summer. Spring cleaning is an excellent opportunity to pass a few simple checks and inspections that may keep you from sweating when warmer weather hits. Remember these important checks to help keep your cool.

Change the Air Filters

Air filters need to be changed once every 90 days.  Otherwise, the accumulating dust, dander, and dirt will choke your air ventilation. The resulting poor air quality encourages seasonal allergies and poor health, as well as causing costly Orlando AC repairs.

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How Air Conditioning Changed The world

Air Conditioning Orlando

As you step indoors in the midst of a muggy day, you probably underestimate the significance of Orlando air conditioning and the major cultural impact created by the invention of HVAC systems over 100 years ago. Central heating and air has become the universal standard for a modern society and affected more than our ability to comfortably escape the elements. Unbeknownst to most, healthcare, architecture and other major parts of our identity as a culture are directly impacted by air conditioning.

A Brief History

The first air conditioning units were invented by Willis Carrier in 1902, designed to protect the papers of his publishing company in Buffalo from the heat and humidity of the air. His industrial models would benefit manufacturers and hospitals across the country. Before long, air conditioning would become a household luxury exclusive to the social elite.

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Air Conditioner EER and SEER Ratings Explained

Businessman holding glasses and staring at computer close-up, vision problems concept.

Advancements in air conditioning tech have ushered in a new era of energy efficiency that’s designed to lower energy costs while still allowing your AC units function optimally. With these new technologies, air conditioning consumers can now stay cool without having to fork over huge amounts of money on utility bills every month.

More consumers are opting for units that produce more power per unit of energy consumed because that translates into cheaper bills, particularly during the “high run” seasons. There’s also the added perk of power companies paying people to these use higher energy efficient units. Some companies pay hundreds of dollars to consumers in the form of energy credits, tax rebates, or even cash.

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Top 5 Reasons AC Units Fail During Summer

Top 5 Reasons AC Units Fail During the Summer

In communities like Orlando, air conditioning is a crucial necessity for most of the year. Does your AC seem to consistently disappoint you the very moment the weather gets warm? You can avoid spending your dog days in sweaty, unplanned discomfort by bearing in mind a few simple points. Here are five common reasons that AC Units tend to fizzle while we sizzle.

It Needs a Check Up

In the winter months, do you forget you even own an air conditioner? More importantly, do you remember your air filter? Your AC has been stagnant for weeks, but build ups of dirt have been slowly clogging the filter, creating a virtual wall of sediment and blocking air flow. The result is a system that quickly overheats as warm air gets trapped inside the ducts. Before you experience problems at all, you should have your unit inspected for routine maintenance by an Orlando air conditioning professional at least once a year, checking the drain lines for often missed clogs that will quickly disrupt your unit.  Even just changing the air filter every 4 to 6 weeks will spare your air conditioner unnecessary stress.

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